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This year we are experimenting with a new format of performing arts. We will present a multi-hued program comprising of songs, poetry and dramatized story telling set to underlying themes seamlessly stitched together.

The starting theme is Utsav or festivity. We begin with invocations to Ganesh and Vishnu and follow up with utsav-sangeet.

Next is Prem or love and this is expressed through songs, poetry and a dramatized narration of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s short story, Aparichita. In Aparichita, or “The Unrecognized”, the narrator, Anupam is a sensitive soul who is excited by the prospect of an arranged marriage with the beautiful and educated Kalyani. Things begin to go wrong when the head of the family, Anupam’s maternal uncle begins to push too hard for dowry. Displaying courage and true character, Kalyani’s father calls off the marriage. Anupam is crushed and pines for the love and companionship of Kalyani. A chance encounter in the train highlights Kalyani’s character. Impressed, Anupam decides to visit her in Lucknow. Does Kalyani give in to his implorations? Experience our performance to realize why Tagore was far ahead of his time as he explored women’s emancipation.

The following theme is Sanghat - Manabikata bodh - Shanti, or conflict - humanity in crisis - resolution and peace, highlighted through poetry and songs.

Ha-ja-ba-ra-la signifies the nonsensical and whimsical aspects of reality which we explore through poetry and a dramatized narration of Sanjib Chattopadhyay’s short story. Sweth Pathorer Table, or “The Marble-topped Table” is a biographical sketch of the author’s puritan and eccentric father who rules over the household with an iron fist. Dramatic, humorous and yet poignant narration brings out the colorfulness of the father’s character. When the author’s father’s father-in- law accidentally gets a finger wedged in the trellis of the table’s wood work, a chain of events are set in motion that trigger an open rebellion against tyrannical authority. What happens? Reveal the story in our dramatized narration and see how the face saving gesture offered to the father at the end has the usual victim.

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