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Dhanyobad Mastermosai - Thank You My Teacher

- is based on the novel by the famous Bengali writer Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay.

The play opens with a young journalist Johnnu traveling by train to Durgapur from Kolkata with his cousin Mahitosh and sister Taju, to meet his would-be bride for an arranged match. During the viewing ceremony, Johnnu realizes that the would-be bride Badhan seems to harbor a secret of her own and is not wholly agreeable to marrying him. To save her face, he agrees to decline the match.

We are introduced with Kankan, Badhan lively sister who has been offered a job at Bengaluru and is reluctant to leave home. Badhan asks her mother for some time to think over the match with Johnnu. Her mother Krishna is not very happy about Badhanís involvement with her erstwhile teacher Sisir while their father Bedabyas, though not bothered much initially, grows increasingly worried that their daughter might be making a grievous mistake.

Jahhnuís parents Mridul and Chitrangada, his cousin Mahitosh and sister Taju are baffled by his opposition to the match. Badhan seemed to be a very nice girl.

Badhan comes to visit Sisir and their feelings towards each other is apparent. Itís forbidden territory since Sisir is married and has a child, and his wife Debi suffers from terminal cancer. Sisir and Debi can barely stand each other. While he wishes for her death to clear his path, she suspects him having an affair with Badhan. Sisir seeks Johnnuís help while Kankan tries to find out the details from Johnnu in order to help her sister. Even Badhan calls Johnnu and he is moved to hear that she does not begrudge Debi but prays for her recovery.

The story takes a turn when driven by the confusion in his mind, Sisir tries to commit suicide. Debi learns about his abortive attempt and tries to reason with him for the sake of their child. She realizes that even with death staring her in the face, she is reluctant to throw in the towel. And then miraculously, Debiís cancer starts responding to her doctorís treatment and she is declared to be out of danger.

What happens next in the tussle between the matters of the heart, infatuation if you will, and deeper commitments? Through deft dialogues adapted from the acclaimed novel, this play tries to explore the realm of untainted true love in human interaction.

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