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“Eti Raka” –(Yours Raka)

Raka loves Avash madly. She is a resident doctor in a hospital in Madras (Chennai). Avash is an aspiring stage actor based in Kolkata. Avash loves Raka too but the intensity doesn’t seem to be the same. Through letters we learn that the forced separation is becoming difficult to endure. Mercifully, Raka’s profession keeps her very busy. Avash is invited to perform outstation with co-actor Trisha. Raka dreams of Avash coming to visit her and of mesmerizing his poetic soul with the ceaseless waves at the beach.

Durga puja arrives. Avash gives several performances with Trisha. Then suddenly his replies stop coming. Raka continues to persevere but to no avail. Something is amiss. Avash does not reply. Raka’s last letter reveals the terrible truth—we cannot but admire her strength of character and wish her heart heals quickly.

In this audio play, poetic prose in the form of letters in this age of electronic communication, tells a story of love and longing.

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