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This short comedy is an adaptation by Ramen Lahiri of “The Proposal” by Anton Chekov.

Chatujje-mosai (Mr. Chaterjee in colloquial Bengali) is a widower who is seeking a match for his spirited daughter Bindu. In comes Sadananda, a timorous young man from the neighborhood with a proposal to marry Bindu. After much hesitation, Sadananda is able to convey his intentions to Chatujje-mosai who agrees with delight and asks his would be son-in-law to propose directly to his daughter.

Sadananda tries hard but fails to bring up the subject. He beats around the bush, and is encouraged by Chatujje-mosai, but to no avail. Frustration gives rise to ridiculous arguments about property disputes and pets as the proposal for marriage degenerates into a farce. Sadananda loses his head and abuses Chatujje-mosai ‘s family. A scuffle ensues and Sadananda passes out.

Father and daughter come to their senses fearing the worst. Is Sadananda dead? What happens to the match made in heaven? Comic situations and funny dialogues makes for endearing entertainment

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