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Synopsis of Rajdarshan

Rajdarshan begins with the god of misfortune, Shani, turning his attention towards Raja Nanda, the king of Ayodhya. The king, stricken by an incurable disease, seeks a miracle by announcing donations of gold and silver to all brahmins (priestly caste) of the kingdom. Enticed by the offer, a poor and frail brahmin, Lambadhar Bhatta undertakes the long journey to the capital on the strong shoulders of his adopted son, Abhiram - the blacksmith.

Meanwhile, the king dies and the capital is rife with impending revolts. Inner-palace conspiracy is led by the king’s brother Chandraketu and the youngest queen Yashomati. A boon from Shani transports the soul of the greedy Brahmin, Lambadhar Bhatta into the royal corpse and the king is reborn.

Royal decadence corrupts the soul and Lambadhar Bhatta forgets his humble origins. But Abhiram believes that man must earn his own livelihood and not crave for unearned riches. The land of his birth, however remote and backward, is his true place on earth. But will Abhiram be successful in bringing his adopted father and mentor, now led astray by royal power, privileges and riches, back to his roots?

Sharp and quick-witted dialogues laced with black humor in the play, Rajdarshan highlight deep divisions in society, steep social inequalities and the abuse of power. In the metaphorical search for one’s roots, the play ends on a hopeful note.

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